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Dates and Dresses

Your wedding date. Well this is an obvious one. You can't have a wedding if you don't have an actual day set for your special event. It can be an easy decision or a hard one to pick just the perfect time.

Here's a few tips for picking the best day.

1. If you live in the South, where college football is life (and I'm not exaggerating), then take extra consideration of the day and time. I know, it's crazy!

2. Time of year. Spring and Summer are popular times to have a wedding. The warm air and pretty outdoor scenery can be just perfect, but there are always factors. Be sure to consider all weather options; hot, cold, rain or shine. You never know what you might get, especially with outdoor weddings.

3. Day of the week! The majority of weddings are held on Saturdays, but be aware that Fridays and Sundays are good options as well. Any day of the weekend works well for a wedding! Believe it or not, some days are more afforable for you low budget brides. Sundays tend to be lower in cost, because of the low demand.

The Dress!

I consider a wedding dress to be one of the 5 most important details of your very special day. It's a statement, a part of you, the way you express who you are and how you feel on the day you have dreamed of forever. It's not something to take lightly.

How do you pick a dress? Well, there are so many factors to consider. Size, style, silhouette, color, theme, etc. The list could go on. It can be stressful trying to pick the perfect one, but exciting and fun all at the same time.

So where do you start? RESEARCH! Take to the internet and have a hay day. Print off pictures of dresses that catch your eye and those you simply have to try on. Don't leave anything out, because you never know what might just look perfect on you. Consider the type of silhouette you could see yourself in and pick ones you're not so sure about. You never know until you try them on!

Who do I take with me? Take those most important to you, who have your best interest at heart. Your mom, sister, best friend, grandmother, even dad. Those you trust to give you an honest opinion and celebrate when you "Say Yes to the Dress!" A small crowd of those you love most is best and most productive. Have fun and enjoy the experience of picking the dress you will cherish forever.

Birmingham, AL Dress Boutiques

The White Room

Heidi Elnora Atelier

Bella Couture

Ivory and White

Carriage House

Village Bridal


Happy Shopping!!

The boutiques above are some of the well known places in Birmingham, AL to find a dress. This is not an exhaustive list, and they are not being sponsored by Elizabeth Carlisle Events, these are merely suggestions.

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