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Tuesday Tasks & Inspiration

Happy August 1st! Wow, how the summer has gone quickly! There are always pros and cons to the summer ending; like how the biggest wedding season of the year has come and gone, but luckily it's now your turn for some prime wedding planning!

I am excited to introduce Tuesday Tasks. This is a bi-monthly blog about the important tasks you must complete when planning your own wedding. From getting your dress to those little last minute details, each one is important. I will include all the things you don't want to forget. I'll also be talking about some of my favorite vendors, venues and more. Look out for links to different websites to help you on your planning journey.

Now let's get started!!

When planning your own wedding you always want to start off with a vision. Most every girl dreams of her perfect wedding when she is young. There are certain colors and dresses and flowers you love. You simply can't live without them! Well, how do you portray what that looks like? How do you easily explain to your mom, sister, maid of honor, or anyone else what ideas are floating around in your head?

Bring in the Inspiration Boards!! (currently imagining wedding ring emojis dancing across my computer screen)

Inspiration Boards can easily be your best friend. Make 1 or 100 or just enough to make your vision clear. All you need is Pinterest/Google/Instagram (where wedding dreams are born) and a word document. Copy and paste the pictures that exemplify the style you are looking for on your perfect day. Be sure to highlight pictures of venues, dresses, florals, maids and men, cakes and accessories. Try out different color pallets and styles. You never know what may look great together or what may look just plain hideous. There are a world of ideas out there for you to choose from, so take some sweet time and some sweet tea and have yourself the best 2 hours (or 4) of your planning life.

Side Note: Your eyes may hurt at the end of it all from looking at your computer for so long, but it's worth it.

Now here are some ideas of what I'm talking about to get you started.

Be Inspired! Happy Searching! :)

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