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Making the Leap

I've been contemplating this decision for a while. When I graduated from college I thought starting my own business was exactly what I wanted/needed to do in order to get going down the path I thought I wanted, but the Lord had other plans. I lost interest. I couldn't even figure out how to start. If it wasn't for the help and encouragement from my mentor and family, I would not be writing this today. I'm finally making the leap to start my small business.

Two months ago I had the privilege to serve a wonderful couple on their wedding day. This was my first wedding to do on my own, so I was a little nervous to say the least, but excited to finally run my own wedding. I have done a rehearsal dinner on my own and worked more than 15 weddings as an assistant, but going out on your own is different and hard. There is so much to think about that I hadn't realized. To say I am thankful to the Lord for providing me with Katie and Max as my first couple would be an understatement. They had so much confidence in me and that made the process of leading them through their day that much better. Their love for each other and the Lord are only a couple of the reasons why it was such a pleasure to serve them and their families. I learned a lot from that experience. I learned more about the job and about myself. I saw the Lord lead me in a direction that I thought I had left behind months ago, but He always has a way of turning us in every which direction in order to get us exactly where he wants us to go.

Working for a wedding planner the past 3 years has taught me a lot and I am continuing to learn, but I feel prepared and ready for the days ahead as I serve more couples and their families. Praying for the Lord's guidance every step of the way and excited to see who He brings along in the process.

Future Brides, I'm so excited to meet you!

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